School Information

Things to Know


Tutors provide lesson plans which lays out the course assignments.  Parents are responsible for supervising the student’s daily work & will need to buy texts and answer keys for most classes.  All homework must be completed as assigned by the Tutor.  A class that meets for one hour, once a week, cannot fully satisfy academic credit nor provide adequate instruction unless the parent and student work together to complete what is required outside of class.  A parent who fails to assist their child in this capacity will not be eligible for re-enrollment.

Each family is required to fulfill volunteer days at the tutorial by being a helper for a specified number of Fridays, depending on the age and number of students in an age-group.  Only one parent is required for volunteer days.   You can sign up for your Volunteer days upon registration.

A year-long commitment and full payment of the tuition (given on a post-dated schedule) are required at the time of registration.  Tutors must be able to plan their budgets and classes; thus, the tuition payments and all fees are non- refundable 


PLA welcomes students who want to be a part of an intimate academic and social group. We will not tolerate any form of social rejection.  Kindness, acceptance, and respect are to be practiced toward our peers & tutors.  As a Christian tutorial, all of our classes will incorporate a Christian worldview.  Classes will not, however, provide a platform for discussion of denominational doctrine.


With a rich history that began 14 years, three locations, and many families ago, PLA has had numerous families and tutors enrich the lives of others.  We would love to have your family join us!

Tuition & Fees



  • Elementary Tuition: $20.00 a  month per class
  • Middle School Tuition: $29.00 a month per class
  • High School Tuition: $38.00 a month per class


Total Maintenance and Registration Fees for a family with one child is $175. The fees increase $25 for each additional student. 

These fees cover insurance, building use, cleaning supplies, and other necessary supplies throughout the year.

A supply fee is due at registration for each class. This fee covers the supplies that the teacher will use in class for the year which may include their own teacher curriculum series. Supply fees vary by class.  The average supply fee $25.  The average supply fee for Art is $50.

Parents are responsible for securing all books, texts, & notebooks that the tutor requests for class. Many of these required books can be purchased "used",  to help keep costs down for families.  Students are expected to bring paper, pencils, and any necessary items to class as requested by the tutor.  Please ensure your child is prepared with their materials every Friday.